BANGKOK: The deliciously trendy Talat Rot Fai Night Market

Srinakarin Road, Srinakarin market, Bangkok, Thailand, Travel, Night, Night market, Street food, street marketA strongly accented rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ blasts over the stalls as you pick your way carefully over the disused track. There’s everything from stuffed toys to deep fried dumpling skins (quite nice, by the way)- and the clothes stalls aren’t just your average street market fare- there’s secondhand Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s in some of the shops.. and American Apparel sweaters if you have the heat-tolerance of a Thai.

Built on the site of an old train station, Talat Rot Fai night market (or Train Market Srinakarin) appears to be a favoured Bangkok hipster haunt. But don’t worry- it’s more trendy than hipster, and I didn’t find any organic or vegan food.

Srinakarin Road, Srinakarin market, Bangkok, Thailand, Travel, Night, Night market, Street food, street market
Yin buying some squid skewers- they were wonderful!

It’s a bit awkward to get to however. Take the sky train to Udom Suk, walk around the corner to Soi Sukhumvit 103 (you’ll go past another night market) and take a red songthaew to the very last stop. The songthaew costs 7 baht, press one of the buttons when you want to get off, and you pay through the driver’s window at the very end. When you pass a very large shopping centre, you’re practically there.

Riding in the songthaew was a new and mildly unnerving experience. There is nothing to stop you or your possessions from tumbling out of the back every time the driver accelerates- which is often, given the nature of Bangkok traffic (the mindset seems to be drive as fast as you can, while you can)- and nothing to stop passing motorcycles plucking bags out as they pass, so keep a tight hold on everything.

Bangkok, Hipster, Trendy, Musician, Thailand,
Price Tag, Stand By Me, and then a few Thai songs.

There’s an abundance of very trendy-looking bars, live music, antique stores and food. The squid skewers are cheap, perfectly soft and barbequed in front of you (the chilli sauce it gets coated in is a bit spicy though). There are burgers, kebabs, a large number of places selling bubble and ice tea, and the usual plethora of Thai dishes.

No foreigners as far as the eye could see, but many of the signs are in English.


    • It’s open until 1am, but bear in mind that the trains stop running at 11:30.

      Though if you’re in a group of 3 or more, a taxi will probably be cheaper anyway (if a little less fun).

      Also I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but all the deodorants and skin products (including sun cream) contain whiteners.

      • Good to know all of those little details! Your experiences in Bangkok remind me of what it’s like to travel around in Morocco.

        While I was there I also noticed that the Clean & Clear cream I was using made the skin in my face much lighter. Perhaps this is standard practice in non-Western countries? And here we are, trying to be as tan as possible.

  1. Wow interesting details! very cool post! Seems different than anything that I have ever been too. The little market on the street seems so cute and fun with a lot of people and good food! Thanks for the post and the pics!

  2. Thanks for your great blog! I loved visiting the night market (especially the food market) when I traveled to Bangkok in March. Happy travels!

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