CHIANG MAI: Films and Free Popcorn for 60 baht at DAA

Motorbike, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Night,
On the way to DAA

“Have you heard of Noam Chomsky?”

“Of course,” you mutter in outrage. Your ebook reader is loaded with his books and essays, though you will quietly admit that most of them are stuck at 39% read. You decide not to bring that up.

“Well there’s this place showing an animated conversation with him near the Old City if you want to go.”

“An animated conversation?”

“Yeah, the documentary is called ‘Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?’ and it’s this French guy who interviewed Noam Chomsky and created an animation to go with it.”

Motorbike, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Night,
On the way to DAA

Ten minutes walking from Chiang Mai Gate  or five minutes motorbiking from the Central Airport Plaza will take you to the Chiang Mai headquarters of Documentary Arts Asia, a non-profit organisation supporting asian photographers and filmmakers with grants and gear loans.

Also part of their work: screening thought-provoking (and usually independent) films and documentaries at 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays respectively for 60 baht. Side perk: no standing up and waiting through the national anthem and a 5 minute film about the king’s life here!

More information and directions:

..On a side note: Happy birthday Noam Chomsky!

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