After 378 days, my little capturer of light is dead.

Broken Lens, Nikon, Camera,

Usually I am grateful for gravity. It is nice being able to walk around in flipflops without floating off into the ether. Without gravity the planet would also float away from the sun, and I would not enjoy spending the last days of Earth’s existence in a polar winter.

Unfortunately it sometimes works against you, and on this occasion I can emphatically say that gravity was not my friend- though I accept that a force has no feelings and the idea of it being friendly, unfriendly, on my side or otherwise, is fallacy.

My late camera survived knocks and falls in three continents, the zealous attentions of dogs and children, the sticky caress of orange juice, the heat and humidity of a greenhouse in London and dozens of hours of juddering in the seat storage compartment of dirt bikes in the Thai countryside. However, it was a small fall in Chiang Mai that finally put an end to my little black capturer of light.

I am happy that we adventured together, and I am sad that you are dead, but all I am worried about now is whether Photoguard insurance will replace you. Looking at everyone else’s photographs causes me something close to physical pain so I hope they make a decision soon. Also, having to lug your useless corpse around with me is annoying.

In short, I have been busy mourning my camera and tending to a jellyfish sting. I’ll be back soon.


  1. My deepest condolences to you 🙂 – I too have felt the pain of losing your favourite lens. Sadly mine was the night before a wedding photography shoot!

    As sad as it is just think of the new friendship you will make with your new lens.

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