KOH TAO: Rainstorms during the World’s Biggest Water Fight


To celebrate the new year, the entire Thai population (plus farangs) engage in a massive week-long alcohol-fueled waterfight in which everything and everyone is a target.

Here on Koh Tao, Songkran only lasts a day. The rain poured relentlessly, the taxi-drivers filled their water guns with ice water, and you had several layers of Burmese face paste smeared over you and your clothes.

You decided to take a gamble and bring your camera out with you wrapped quite masterfully in two clear plastic bags, the wrapping from a loaf of bread, three elastic bands and half a roll of sellotape. Who needs expensive underwater housings?


DSC_0091 (2)

Songkran 2015, Koh Tao

Songkran 2015, Koh Tao

More Koh Tao posts coming soon!


    • They absolutely are! Never seen so many people so happy all at the same time. Even the Burmese migrants were cheerful!

  1. I can’t even imagine a whole days worth of a water fight, let alone a full week… Sounds epic though :p Cheers for your MacGyver-like ingenuity to protect your camera! the photos are awesome, everyone looks they’re having the best time 🙂

    • Thanks! It was epic, until about 4pm when everyone wordlessly acknowledged that it was time to finish up and get home for a shower and a hot meal.

      I received many a nod from underwater photographers with their rated-to-40-metres waterproof camera housings. You can imagine my trepidation when I unwrapped the camera at dinner time, unsure whether I would have to put the whole thing in rice or not. Fortunately, it had stayed bone dry! Yay!

    • Oh it was. Quietly glad that it only lasted a day though (since we have water shortage problems from time to time)!

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