I love the salt beef bagels with the sinus-singeing mustard from the yellow shop on Brick Street (which you’ll taste again if you sneeze), and I also love the clock rooms in the British Museum, and the poet Thomas Chatterton whose portraits are scattered around the capital.

I think people live their lives too quickly. Dinner can be delivered to your door in thirty minutes. Our trains are getting faster. We go to university and then into a career without any opportunity to exhale. Sometimes it’s nice to walk the long way home.

So I leave my job in July with Β£6,500 in my pocket and all of planet earth to explore.

UPDATE JUNE 2015: I am living and working on Koh Tao as a divemaster. I can’t decide whether I like this island or not. It’s kinda like the time I put strawberry syrup in a cup of tea, except with dirty beaches and rude tourists. Either way, I’m earning enough to support myself AND save for more travelling, while enjoying cheap iced tea, so I suppose life is pretty great.



  1. Lana – Thanks for stopping by my blog, and liking my last post. Are you Turkish, or was that just a visit you made there? I ask because my gf has an uncle from Turkey, and she herself visited there about 4-5 years ago. I also have an actor colleague of mine who just returned from almost a year in Turkey, teaching English in Istanbul.

    • Ah, it was a short visit to try out the ‘travelling’ thing. I’m from The UK/Japan originally. Turkey is a beautiful country though, and the people are lovely!

  2. Hi Lana!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today.

    I must say, I’m loving yours too and most importantly your humorous writing style. Can almost taste that Canjica pudding haha.

    Will definitely be back to read your posts!


  3. Good for you. In 2008 my wife and I did the same. We both loved Turkey and trekked along the Lycian Way for 500km. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your travel tales. Ken.

    • The Lycian Way was my favourite bit of Turkey. We only followed it for a very short way, but I’d love to go back and do more.. maybe a little earlier in the year. The late April weather was great for sea swimming, but not so much for long hikes through fields with very little shade!

  4. Very nice “about” theme. Your thoughts and beliefs of people live their fast is very true. My wife and I are both teachers on holiday for seven weeks, a welcome break. Two and a half weeks are gone, where? Must slow down and enjoy the moment. Thanks

  5. Wow.. That is great. You know I want to do that too, leave my job for few months or an year , go out and see the world. But the same excuse everytime, responsibilities. You are impressive, I hope I will get the encouragement looking at your blog. I will be a follower now.
    All the best, keep sharing. I hope to meet you sometime somewhere in the UK πŸ™‚


  6. Thank you for dropping by! I love people like you who go for what soothes your soul…safe travels!

  7. Thanks for your like. Dropped by to take a peek at your world. Looks like an interesting venture (and blog). I’ve done a lot of traveling (and living) now age is slowing me down a bit. Think I’ll hang around and follow your adventures, nothing like discovering “new worlds”. Bon voages!

  8. Hi Lana…
    Really enjoying your blog. My favorite line (I think it sums up the whole experience) “Sometimes it’s nice to walk the long way home”.
    Happy Trails!!

  9. Hi Lana, loved your writing. Looking forward for more. Wish you a happy life ahead! way to go!

  10. Hi Lana, loved your writing, beautiful photography and your journey. SO you are in UK now and i am wondering that why dont you head to South East Asia a rich culture and mystery place. Anw: Have fun and enjoy your trip ^^ .

  11. Lana! What a true claim – the world is too fast and it is far too easy to get “stuck” in the hustle.

    I wish you only the best on your long walk home; I am sure that your travels will become an amazing part of you.

    Take wonderful photos and the best of travels to you!


  12. Hey, Lana. I’m already creeping on you and have read 4 posts in the past 5 minutes. πŸ˜› Very absorbing reads. I’m a new blogger and I’m still getting the hang of it and I have to say, it’s immensely satisfying when you write down what you have in mind. See you around on the interwebs.

  13. Hi πŸ™‚ just found your blog and really like it! I’m new to blogging and just wondering whether you have any advice as to how to get followers and people reading your blog? πŸ™‚

    • I’m far from an expert.. but quality over quantity, posting at least once a week and also being active in the general WordPress community is a good start.

      Good luck with the blog, and hope results day went well for you!

  14. it needs a lot of courage to follow your heart and do what you always wanted to and feel the magic. I have been in the same process and working on my dream. Enjoy the evening πŸ™‚

  15. Hey! I’ve just been looking through a few of your blog posts, and you’re certainly a great writer and photographer. My sister lived in Turkey for a year and we got to see a few of the places you mentioned, what a country!! Another reason for getting in touch is to ask for your advice. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot, and I’ve recently begun writing about it at http://www.travellivedream.com and so I wanted to ask how have you developed such a large following? I have about 30 followers and you have loads, which is amazing! Any words of advice would be much appreciated! I don’t plan on making a career out of writing or anything, I just love having adventures and sharing them with the world! Thanks, Tom

    • Hey Tom! I really like your stuff, especially the Sri Lanka posts- that YMCA sounds awesome.

      In short, I was Freshly Pressed, put on the Recommended Blogs list and had a ton of people reblog/link back to my stuff quite early on.

      Also most of my followers are going to be spam/people wanting me to follow them back, so my actual following is a lot smaller. Make sure you look into SEO, tag properly (you can use up to 15 including categories) and don’t give up!

    • Hello awesomer pants!

      Have you noticed a change or have you only just joined? I don’t remember seeing that badge on your site yesterday!

      • I just joined. It may be because it looks cool, I feel like part of secret blogger sect. But also, I’m only sitting on about 220 followers and get excited when my views hit, well, anywhere past 100. Should we move our conversations to slightly less public forums perhaps?

        And my pants may be awesomer, but that is simply because *looks around*… Δ°m not wearing any.

  16. Well I never wear any so lets carry on this conversation…. And my followers per day are a lot less than that so lets talk! Haha

      • I agree! I have a technical question for you: When I receive an email with you most recent blog post, it just shows me the beginning of the text, and then takes me to your full site to read the rest. How did you set this up? When my followers receive an email with my latest post, it shows the whole text and so they don’t go to my full site to read it. Any ideas? Any advice is always appreciated! Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • Someone else asked me and in all honesty.. I’m not really sure. Possibly it is because I selected ‘show excerpt’ instead of ‘show full text’ in my reading settings, or it’s something to do with the fact that I put ‘read more’ breaks in my posts. Give that a try perhaps?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry if I’m being really dumb, but I can’t find a ‘show excerpt’ option or a ‘show full text’ option on my dashboard, any ideas? And how did you insert ‘read more’ links in your posts? Thanks again for all your help!

      • Don’t worry, you’re not being dumb. It took me forever to find these things and also what I said was slightly wrong.

        (assuming you’re on mobile)

        Go to your dashboard, hover over settings and click reading. Then, next to “For each article in a feed, show” select “summary” instead of “full text”. Then save changes at the bottom of the page.

        The read more button is top row and third from the right (fourth from the right if you’re using the new editor) on the editing toolbar. It looks like two dark lines with a dotted line between them. Found this one by accident actually.

        Hope that made sense πŸ˜‰

  17. Hello Lana, thank you for the like on my most recent post – it was a real hard one to write as I haven’t written in so long! Serious writer’s block… I’m loving your blog, especially the theme, I’m always looking for more travel blogs to follow. πŸ™‚

    • Wrestling with Wanderlust is such an intriguing name (and I think it sums up your blog perfectly).

      Hope things continue to get better for you! Onwards and upwards (or downwards?).

    • Check out mine if you get the chance! πŸ™‚ I’m just about to leave oz after a few years living there so at the other end of the scale from you! Thought your was really insightful by the way.

  18. Really nice blog, enjoyed reading a few articles. πŸ™‚ I am just wandering how you managed to write that much in just a few month, dude. That’s awesome! I’ve hardly time time to find time and space to write, always on the move: Keep it up, mate! Cheers

  19. Hi Lana, I’ve been checking your blog and its pretty nice!! I can say Im related with your experience and I think its pretty awesome what you are doing. Thank you also for liking my post about Mexican road trips its nice to get some feed back about my writing. Thanks again and hope to read more from you soon!!

  20. Hi! I’ve just started reading your blogs. They’re witty and very descriptive. Thanks for taking that initial leap of faith and for sharing your travel experiences.

  21. The lighter side of this site is to not include the ordinary stories about places. It is reflecting the streets and steps. That’s why I enjoy, when I read. Hope to see more posts

  22. Gotta say, this blog is definitely worth the follow – great job, loving all the beautiful photography and stories! πŸ™‚

    Apart from my blog, I’ve got a project called Showzee (http://www.showzee.com) that might definitely interest you, take a look and if you fancy it, request an invite and I’ll fast track you!

    • Ooh my, a nomination from a proper blogger.. thanks!

      My harddrive is dying and left me unable to edit any of my photographs. I may just get round to posting a ‘behind the scenes’!

      • But but but . . . . . you’re a proper blogger! You’re on WP’s list of recommended travel blogs, and you’ve been Freshly Pressed, and you have more followers than I do! I think that qualifies you as a proper blogger πŸ™‚
        Sorry to hear about your hardware – may new and better come your way soon!

  23. I couldn’t agree more, with advances in technology life is moving too fast. People are missing opportunities to connect and experience life the way it was meant to lived. Love the blog, I can’t wait to read more about your adventures in Thailand – I’m dying to visit!

    – Brandon

  24. Hey great blog. I spent some time in south east asia and the posts brought back some great memories. I made the mistake of going with a tour group though so we were always hustled along and raced through everything. I’m looking forward to a slow and laid back approach to traveling in the new year when my wife and I head through south america. If you’re looking for a nice slow paced and quirky place to visit come to Yellowknife in northern Canada πŸ™‚

  25. I love your blog and your adventures. I love the way you look at travelling. For me there is nothing that travelling can’t cure, even a broken heart. Wish you well in all your journeys.

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