West Asia



1. Venturing to the Asian Side

2. Couchsurfing with a student protestor and a civil rights activist

3. Tasting Turkish coffee for the first (and last) time

4. Woman selling birdseed near the Spice Bazaar

5. Tulips, tourists, and the Syrian refugees

6. Fishermen on Galata Bridge

7. Galata Bridge from Eminonu Seaport

8. How to shell a sunflower seed in less than a second

9. The Balici boys on Attaturk bridge



1. A scarecrow and a stuffed swan outside Goreme village mosque

2. An Impromptu photoshoot in Goreme village

3. An outdoor cafe amongst the Fairy Chimneys

4. It is deceptively hard to get lost here (or possibly I am a homing pigeon)



1. An altercation with a Bidet-Toilet Hybrid

2. It rained heavily and I learned not to put eggs in my pocket



1. A hidden treasure in the Turkish Riviera

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