Best of the Blog

Greatest Mishaps-

Soaking myself with toilet water just minutes before a 12 hour bus journey.

Tricking my co-passengers into thinking I pooped myself.

Getting Stung by a Jellyfish and spending New Years feeling about 3 inches from death.

Staying at someone’s house illegally and getting kicked out by the Laotian Police.

Getting off at the wrong train station and having to hitchhike to the border at 4:30am in the morning.

Being refused entry to the bathroom in the McDonalds in Toulouse

Upsetting a Burmese woman to the point that she threatened to have me followed and beaten.

Interesting experiences-

Harvesting rice in the north of Thailand

A community water fight on Koh Tao

Learning to weave with the Karen people

Finding the swamps in the middle of Bangkok

Notting Hill Carnival in London: a big, boozy, stabby street party in the borough of millionaires

Going on a solo motorbike and wildcamping trip in Laos 

Hitchiking across Laos (Coming soon!)


 Human Connection-

Learning to overcome a fear of strangers

The goodbyes and grief in travelling

Hitchiking in France

An impromptu photoshoot in Goreme village

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