UNITED KINGDOM/ GREAT BRITAIN/ plunderer of nations.. shh


1. The world’s Largest Chinese New Year Celebrations (outside of China)

2. A Man and his balloons in Trafalgar Square

3. Adventures in the Ethnic Food Aisle

4. Friends with Pretty Houses

5. A weekend on a houseboat, with leaking toilets and aggressive ducks.

6. Notting Hill Carnival: Race, Class, and Dancing in the Rain



1. Cadbury World, Tummy Aches, and Bournville Village


The Chilterns (i.e. countryside)

1. Angry Llamas, Nettles, and Geocaching in the Chilterns



The Midi-Pyrenees

1. Hitchiking was not as scary as I thought it would be

2. Saint Lizier: Officially one of the most beautiful villages in France

3. How to get into the most exclusive McDonalds bathroom in Toulouse

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